Eric Dallas Tanner: Executive Filmmaker, Producer, and Multimedia Professional
Since 1999, prominent filmmaker and entertainment executive Dallas Tanner  has distinguished himself as a consummate professional in the entertainment and media industry. Since that time, Dallas Tanner has amassed a wealth of experience in several diverse fields, including privately held businesses in the sports, entertainment, artist management, music, online, live events and broadcasting industries.
Dallas Tanner is also extremely well-educated, attending Northeastern University with a focus in business administration.
Dallas Tanner also attended the American Film Institute, where Dallas Tanner studied directing under Oscar-winning directors, including Clint Eastwood. Dallas Tanner participated regularly in various AFI directors’ workshop programs.
Dallas Tanner has received notable press in business journals and in 2006 was mentioned as an innovator in pioneering mobile phone video interactivity in television shows in an article in
Dallas Tanner inspirations include Hollywood “A list” Manger and “Star Maker” Jay Bernstein who Dallas Tanner met for mentoring before the legendary William Morris Agent and publicist Jay Bernstein’s death in 2006.

In 1996, Dallas Tanner attended the University of California, Los Angeles, where Dallas Tanner studied film and television finance and distribution. In addition, Dallas Tanner earned a certification as a portable and studio television director at BNN-TV.
Dallas Tanner recruited top notch Hollywood families and Oscar Nominated creative people to work along side him in his media ventures. Along with partners which include an Oscar-Nominated director Jonathan Heap, partner Tony Broccoli (adopted step son of James Bond Movie Franchise Heir and son of legendary James Bond Producer “Cubby” Broccoli), Dallas Tanner created and produced the action adventure series “Destination X Hawaii” and “Destination X California”.
His initial career in business was as a government contractor building heavy infrastructure projects in the utility and cable industry where Dallas Tanner in his early twenties grew a start up company into a business generating over $5.0 million a year before he had reached the age of 26. Dallas Tanner honed his executive skills in a position as a client executive at Verizon (formerly known as MCI), where he consulted companies in the areas of online solutions.
Next, following his love of motor sports, Dallas Tanner  became a NASCAR marketing team executive, Busch North Series, where Dallas Tanner successfully located sponsorship for the winning series. Since his tenure with NASCAR, Dallas Tanner has also launched several action sports magazines, served as a marketing director for a NASCAR motorsports team, and directed on behalf of his company the filming of professional motorsports rally races (BullRun and Gumball3000) through several countries. Dallas Tanner is also a semi-professional race car driver.
In 2006, Dallas Tanner became chief creator/director/producer and publisher at Maverick Entertainment and Sports Network (MESN), a sports and entertainment company.

MESN produces many action sports and reality TV shows, serves artists and brands through representation, produces and distributes music, produces motor sports and luxury lifestyle events and syndicates mobile phone content through a worldwide network of mobile phone partners, reaching nearly 650 million mobile phone users through 71 partners including Sprint, Verizon, Boost Mobile, and Cingular.
At MESN, Dallas Tanner has produced more than 189 episodes of lifestyle, Reality TV, and action sports TV programming, distributed to over 50 countries. Dallas Tanner has managed talent for TV, film and music recording projects, and Dallas Tanner developed a program for syndication of online sports, entertainment and music programming through iPTV as well as mobile phone video platforms.
More recently, Dallas Tanner created and produced the Destination X TV series under the titles of “Destination X Hawaii,” and “Destination X California” an internationally syndicated adventure travel television series featuring five “Jane Bond” type female adventure seekers who take on adventures in far reaching locations on the planet. The High Definition (HD) series went into syndication in 2006 for Destination X TV, where Dallas Tanner is producer/director and continues to air in over 50 countries worldwide.
In just over a decade, Dallas Tanner has overseen many aspects of several businesses, from talent management, television production, music production, corporate sponsorship, strategic marketing development, and placing advertising with Fortune 100 clients.

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